Saturday, June 6, 2015

Begin again

Between a crowded dining hall and monsoon-like rain, the last couple weeks have been unique. I will do my best to describe them concisely:

The week I spent in Beaufort was probably one of the most joyful weeks of my relationship with David. The beach was beautiful and many smiles (and macarons) were had. We walked the southern gothic streets of Savannah, people-watched at Hilton Head, and ate delicious food by the river. So many sweet conversations happened. Honestly, it was just fun to really spend time with my best friend. Driving away was the hardest because this is summer number three of long distance for us.

I pulled up to Cedar Lake Camp feeling jittery. The stars were perfect, the evening air was chilled, and some of the best people were gathered around a fire. I realized then that this summer would be a new experience. Police Camp had an incredible amount of campers and I spent more time in the camp kitchen than ever. The loud, stressful days gave me pause and when I drove towards Chattanooga friday night, I really wasn't sure if being at camp was a good choice for me.

Last saturday, I helped my brother film a vietnamese wedding. The couple was beautiful and I hope that they are enjoying being newlyweds...However, Jonathan and I couldn't understand what was going on the majority of the day. We also ate some crazy stuff.

When I returned to camp on sunday, I was exhausted. I could not have been less ready for other staff to get there. A semi-quiet afternoon with Hannah at Common Grounds helped calm my spirit. The week was restful and buzzed with anticipation. Early morning runs with Hannah, quiet talks with friends, getting to edit a semester's worth of poetry, and a few days of cold rain created a stillness in me that I have craved since last year. I received a package from David on the day of his surgery and fell a little bit more in love with him as I ate pretty purple macarons he made himself. The training week concluded with prayer, worship, and more prayer on the porch.

I get my first cabin of the summer tomorrow and I'm staying in the first cabin I ever stayed in (five years ago). In spite of the symmetry of being in Big Elk and having 11-12 year old girls, this summer is feeling like a new start.