Saturday, July 30, 2011

two random thoughts and a photograph

Breathing is wonderful. God breathed life into man and man has been breathing to live ever since. It's fun to watch people breathe too. People show their breathing so many different ways-through their stomach, shoulders, chest or mouth. There's something calming about breathing in unison with someone you're sitting next to-it's like being knit together by some rhythmic bond. The sounds of breathing are serene as well-the sweet gasp of inhaling and the soft wind of exhaling. All around, breathing is just wonderful.

Cleaning your room after being gone for a long while is such an adventure. It's like adapting to your habitat all over again. Or going through a timeline of crumpled letters and pages from magazines. When you're all through with the sorting, folding, filing, and dusting, you're left with what seems like a whole new living space. How fabulous is that?

(please click to view larger. it looks so nice that way.)

Mary Emily

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Adventure

Every time I talk about this fall, a bittersweet ache comes into my heart. I'm re-losing (ish) two of my dearest friends, I'm having to say goodbye to two of my other dearest friends, I'm taking 19 hours (that was my own choice, so I'm not complaining), I'm working at ballet (hopefully), I'm getting a bike, and I'm working at Chatt State. Although all these things are scary and new, I'm excited for the new adventure this year is going to be. My goal will be to challenge myself daily to never have a moment that isn't lived out fully.
So adventures and changes will be abundant.

The very first new adventure I'm taking on is going gluten free. For as long as I can remember, I've been sick, exhausted, and plagued by migraines and sinus headaches. SO, to combat this, I'm getting rid of the gluten in my life. It's going to be quite a culinary adventure because I'll have to make most of my own food. Hooray! I get to feel better and become a better cook!

Starting Monday, gluten will slowly be making its way out of my diet. I'm taking this whole thing one meal at a time, because I think it would be a bit much for me and my body to handle to be like BAM no gluten. So yeah, the first week I'm going one meal gluten free, then the next week two, then everything else.

Wish me luck!
Hopefully, I'll be blogging recipes and whatnot.

Mary Emily

p.s. the photograph is from Training Week at camp. The "Pine Forest" (a little grove of pine trees) was full of hammocks all week. Claire is the name of the girl with the lovely hair in the photo)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'll get back to you someday soon, you will see...

I'm home from one of the most magical summers of my life.
Camp was absolutely that-magical. There's no way to fit the loveliness of camp in words. It would take a whole volume of books. There's also no way to fit the loveliness of camp in one photograph. It would take a whole gallery of photographs.

So instead of trying to give some great summary of thoughts on camp and whatnot, I'm just going to give you this for now.

Maybe someday soon I'll blog the book and post the gallery.

Meanwhile, I hope all of you had a lovely summer. It is coming to a close, but be heartened, the glorious autumn is on its way.

Mary Emily