Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leap Year...

I'm waiting for the World Cup game to start.

Okay, last night I watched Leap I thought I'd share some thoughts about it.
It was another predictable Chick Flick. The premise and the way the story played out was, of course, adorable. The only thing was, I hated Amy Adams. Not her, just her character. The Heroine was selfish and snooty and the very last moment of the movie!
All this to say, I would still recommend it to watch if you like fluffy little movies that fill your time and make you feel sunshiny. (who doesn't like those every so often?!)
Two things saved this movie.
1) the breathtaking landscape of Ireland.
2) the breathtaking Matthew Goode.
Haha Really though, he and his character were great. His character was someone who you could relate to and had pity for. He was someone I personally would hang out with...and Amy's character was someone I would avoid. (Not to mention he is awfully good looking)
So yeah Leap Year...not a total fail, but yeah, not an epic film. Worth renting from the redbox for $1 though!
Mary Em

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Look at me, blogging twice in one week...

So proud.
LOTS of things to talk about, so this might be super long.

First, this week was music camp at my church.
My great friend, Bethany, and I were teachers of the 1st graders.
All 29 of them.
It was such a great experience. Granted, I was secretly terrified the first day I was there. Bethany was gone and I only had one adult helper in my class. It turned out fantastic. I love all of the kids I got to spend time with. I definitely hope that I can teach again next year.
Second thing, I have been keeping up with my projects, believe it or not. This week's project was a headband thing. I'll post a picture someday.
Third, and finally, Here's some silly thoughts on mankind
Okay, have you noticed that our generation is becoming more and more "Hipster"?
In the beginning (of...time itself...not really), there was a select group of people who wanted to go against the flow and such. They were labeled "hippies".
Then the whole generation became "hippie". Thus the 60's and 70's.
Then the 80's came. And everyone wanted to rebel. So the new "hippies" were actually "punks".
Then the 90's. I don't know what happened there. Normalcy I guess.
Throughout the early 2000's, while the majority of the world was confused, a small group of people (we'll call them "hipsters") were themselves. They went against the system by listening to retro music or creating music themselves, instead of tuning into the radio. Now our generation is becoming "hipster". Suddenly, it is cool to knit your own hats or patch your own jeans. Clothes are now made to look like they're vintage or from a thrift store. Musicians who have always been "Pop" are making they're music more "indie" sounding. As a whole, this generation is becoming more individualistic...or so they think.
By sticking it to the man and being "hipster", we're actually being sucked into the mainstream. CRAZY HUH?
All this to say, the people who are truly "hipster" or "indie" or "folksy" (or whatever floats your boat) are the people who are genuinely themselves. People who are the way they are because that's who they are. Not because that's who they're trying to be.
I'm going to go watch a movie now.
Thanks for reading this far. If you did...
Mary Em
p.s. If you haven't, check out the Broken Bells. They're pretty rad.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello, friends.

It seems the more I get involved with flickr and just photography in general, the less time I blog. I'm truly sorry. I'm sure you miss me =P
But you see, my thoughts are being expressed through photographs lately, not words. I will try to blog a little more often than once a week if I can.

Photos are from the Hunter today.
Mary Em

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Musings of a silly girl on a Glorious Thursday.

I love today. I'm having a fantabuloso summer. What about you guys? So my project for this week was the above picture. I sent it to Jen, who is now at camp. The top says "Hi, I'm Rod and I like to party."
Painting has been going well...although I definitely am struggling. Oils look a lot easier to use than they are. We are copying a Georgia O'Keefe though, and I love her style. A lot. So the thing that's on my mind today is honesty. Is it better to be a "nice" person or a "good friend" or to be honest? Something to think about.
If you like She & Him

which you should,
then you should go to a concert with me! They're coming to Atl, and doing an outdoor concert in the botanical gardens downtown...awesome. I want to go very badly.

Okay. I must go now. Stay Sweet.
Mary Em