Monday, November 30, 2009

Reallll fast

1) Pomegranate-Cranberry juice. nummy.
2) The word Delectable.
3) Ballet. I love it, and I'm so thankful for the stress relief.
4) Grass. It's so perfectly green and living. I love the feel of it beneath my toes.
5) Pineapple. So perfectly tart and yellow!
6) Sufjan Stevens. His music is sometimes humorous, sometime heartbreaking, but always wonderful to listen too.
7) Turtleneck Sweaters. They provide a perfect hiding place for your face.
8) Awkward Eye Contact (when you look up and the person you're talking too looks up at the same time...or when you look across the room and there's a random person looking your way etc) It kind of makes my day.
9) My ballet teachers-Ms. Donna and Mr. David. I always imagine Ms. Donna as some sort of Queen-sweet as all get out, always patient and positive. I think of Mr. David as a great big bear. Ferocious looking but an absolute teddy bear inside.
10) Chapstick. I love love love it.

Okay chaps, cheerio.
Mary Em

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The book of love...


Okay moving on. Things I'm thankful for/ or love/ or both

1) children. They have such joy and hope for living. The way that they NEED people is beautiful too.
2) I love and am so thankful for Color. The world would be gorgeous in black and white (see the world in black and whiiiteee...Coldplay moment. Sorry.) But it's absolutely stunning in color. I look around me and it's MIND BOGGLING how beautiful everything is.
3) Trees. I love trees. They're majestic and tall and wise and strong. They constantly remind me of how great my God is.
4) Nataly Dawn. For obvious reasons.
5) getting kids in trouble during church. I know I shouldn't, but I love making faces at little boys in girls during church. Their reactions are priceless.
6) Rocking someone to sleep. I was working in the nursery today and I held a little boy in my arms as he drifted off to sleep. It was ...nice.
7) Warm Clothes. I love layering more and more jackets on during the winter. I'm thankful that i have those.
8) Being Barefoot. I took off my shoes this morning and walked around church barefooted. I love that free feeling...weird huh?
9) Ukuleles,. They're adorable and pretty sounding and easy to play.
10) Clouds, they're big and puffy and white and grey. What's not to love?!

Have a wonderful, sunshiny Sunday!
Mary Em

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today I went Christmas shopping with Sara. It was great. I got presents for all my girlfriends. =) Except Sara, of course... This is a picture from Branson. I call this my "grandma dress" . I purchased it for $2 at a lawn sale in front of an antique store downtown. I love my camera...
It's name is Paolo...*grin*

Okay ten things I Love/am thankful for
1) Coffee. It's warm, wonderful, bitter, earthy, and all around perfect for cold weather.
2) the movie Elf Which I am watching right now.
3) Sunshine. Something about it makes me feel energized and motivated to conquer life.
4) Sleeping in. Sometimes you hate it, sometimes you love it. but in yesterdays case, it was totally necessary, and I'm thankful for that extra sleep.
5) unexpected phone calls to-or from friends. Yesterday I called Jen, today Cara called me. It was fabulous.
6) Rain. I love rain. Love love love it. it makes everything green and growing and living. It also makes the sky gray and the trees talk and the wind sing and the clouds cry.
7)Chocolate. hmmm it's rich and dark and creamy and practically happiness in eatable form. There's something soulful about a good piece of chocolate.
8)Getting your Christmas shopping done early. =) I only have Sara and my brothers and dad left! Great huh?
9) Dreams. When you sleep. Sometimes they're so beautiful, I never want to wake up.
10) Tomorrow! It's Sunday. I love love love Sundays. It's a time to rest and meditate on God's words before the weekdays. There's something Breathtakingly beautiful about a whole congregation singing, praying, and learning together.

On that note, Have a great night!
Mary Em

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tank Who

Okay, so I had this crazy hair yesterday for my thanksgiving post. I was going to list all the things I'm thankful for in order. PSHYA right. Well I didn't get to a computer yesterday, so I didn't do that. I realize that this is going to take forever. So, I think for the rest of the year, I'm going to list a couple things each post that I love. Random things. Not just the obvious big ones =]

So for today, here are 10 things that I love:
1)Guys eyelashes-they're beautiful.
2)Friendly Smiles. I'm so thankful for those. There are some people that have infectious smiles and can turn my day around with the littlest one.
3) Grapefruit. It's delicious and bright and it's called Pomplamoose in French.
4)Board Games-especially Quelf (a new favorite of mine), Boggle, and Scrabble.
5) My harp-It's crazy gorgeous when anyone plays it.
6)Autumn. Although it's practically over, it is absolutely my most favorite time of year. The leaves are robustly (is that a word?) colored and the air is clear and crisp...sigh
7)The excitement of finding new artists that you like. Examples: James Robinson (who photographs Noah & The Whale) and Polixeni Papapetrou
8) I'm really thankful for Pumpkin Pie. It's so delicious.
9) The fact that God flipped the switch labeled "Christmas Weather" the day after Thanksgiving...brrr "Baby it's Cold outside!"
10)Music. I thought I should include a big thing that I'm seriously thankful for. It's so unexplanable. and I love it. And that's it.

So there you go. Nothing much is going on at my house. I've been painting this thing for my photography final...I'll post pictures someday.
Love you all and have a great day!

Mary Em

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hi friends
or maybe not?
Tonight in youth, the speakers spoke about how to determine your true friends and just buds. Jesus had twelve-plus friends, but he really loved John and Peter. It's weird that they were speaking about that, because that very thing has been on my mind lately. There are many things I've been discovering lately about people. And it's come to my attention that my true friends are few and far between. this doesn't mean I love the other people less, or even that I hang out with them less, it just means that that friendship isn't as deep or as effortless. There are a lot of people in my life that I have to work to be there friend, just because man is sinful. That's how things goes. But there are a couple others that they accept me, I accept them, there isn't any catty arguments going on, we don't spend the whole time we're together gossiping or raving about things, we just talk, and hang out, and have a good time.

Have you ever looked at something beautiful, and this wonderful feeling bubbles up in you and you want to just let it out someway, but you can't? That's how I feel. About everything. I can let that feeling out, but only in small increments-through photography. I can only let the smallest bit out through music, because although I'm expressing it, I'm expressing it to someone else melodies and rhythms. So my project I'm giving myself for the coming years is to create things. REALLY creat things. Like write poetry, and songs, and music, and paint, and sew, and...well the list goes on.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! This year, it seems it is coming way too fast though. I am not ready. Christmas means that three of my friends are turning 18. It means, that almost a whole year has gone...and what have I really done that's worth anything?
Have a wonderful week.
Mary Em

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I and Love and You

Sorry for not blogging lately,

I've had a ton to do, but I keep putting it off I might as well blog. Ah, my life has been fantastic as far as motivation and inspiration goes...but right now, my mind is kind of a torrent of thoughts all swirling around in one stormy mess. I took so many pictures while in branson, yet I'm too lazy to upload them all...but there's a few.

So las Friday, I went to Beethoven's 7th with my good friend Bethany (who, by the way, I'm feeling closer and closer to all the time!). It was amazing to watch the wonderfully nerdy, yet adorable conductor, Tobias (I know right!?) control his minions aka...the orchestra. I find the whole conductor thing to be incredibly fascinating and entertaining. Plus, the 7th was sick-nasty and made me excited for the rest of the night. I wanted to run until I couldn't anymore...or something like that.

The following day, I ran around a playground with Bethany and Sara and it was so lovely. We that a word? Whatever, we calavanted around downtown and such. *sigh* so fun.

You know, there so many things that are unexplainable in this world. Feelings and thoughts and actions . You don't know why they happen or why you do them...they just...happen.

I guess I'm a little bit distracted right life has been so good it's overwhelming, yet...well I already told you. I'm just thinking too hard.
OH WAIT Guess who's coming over tomorrow? The lovely lady above herself. JEN! I'm pretty excited =)
Okay, bye!
Mary Em

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I don't really have ANYTHING cool to blog about. I just wanted to say this. I AM NOT AT CHATT STATE! I'm sitting in my study. just like old times. What's even better is-it's a laptop. So I can MOVE IT. and not be stuck down here or whatever. Anyway, pictures will come soon.

I will hopefully get to charge my ipod...which has been dead since Branson...


Mary Emmers-ha that's lame.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Urg. Three things guess where.

I've continually taken outfit pictures, even though there's no way to post them...I've also made a couple vlogs...why? I have no clue.

I guess I have this small hope that before Christmas I'll have a computer to use...


in the next week, our family will be accepting a new addition-a laptop with wonderful amenities. HOORAY!

1)On to other news, (phsya that you really want to hear)
The wedding I played went as well as it could, being my first and all. The couple was absolutely precious too, which helps. The reenactment I went on this last weekend was so perfect. The weather was GORGEOUS, and I got to spend two and a half days with some crazy friends I don't get to see but two to three times a year.
I'm still in my super creative mood, which really makes me happy. Only problem (oh so minimal) I am wayyy behind in school. NOT GOOD. I can't get as behind as I was last year. It seems I'm getting senioritis as a junior three-quarters of the way through her first semester. Oh dear.
3) I'll leave you with this story, that I think is hilarious (and uber humiliating...)-So every year, I go to this period ball in Columbia. This will be my third time to go. The last two years, I haven't had an escort, and although it was fun, it took a while for me to get a dance. Anywho, I have a fairly good guy friend who is a ballroom dancer. He's not extremely shy, so I thought he might enjoy himself. Well this morning, I tried to ask him if he wanted to come and be my escort...without sounding like I was asking him out- (because I SO wasn't) um, I succeeded in letting him know when it was...and making the whole thing sound awkward. Gosh... Haha so to make it better I said "Sorry about being awkward..." like eight times. Oooh. nice cover. hahaha anyway, I hope he can come, because I genuinely think he'd have a good time...and I'd really love to have a good dancer for an escort.

Have a splendiforus rest of the day, my friends.

Mary Em

Thursday, November 5, 2009


today didn't start well...

I had a crazy dream, where in my dream I was talking about how loud my crickets were in the back yard...when in fact, that was my alarm. That I slept straight through.

Oh my stars.

So when at 7:20 (when I usually leave for school) my brother knocked on the door and came in, I immediately sat up and uttered (oh-so-gracefully) "OH CRAP". I threw on clothes and grabbed and apple and a box of triscuits (breakfast of champions) and jumped in my father's car.

I hope today gets better.

Actually I know it will. I just got onto my math homework site thing, and I'm going to finish a section before class-that makes me happy. Ah and later, I'm going to covenant to look at my teacher's artwork. That makes me really happy. So there, my day will get better.

anyway, here's three things from the library:

1) THIS is one of my favorites of Walker Evans. He did a whole series on a subway and if you ever see the book "Many are Called" that's where you can see them. They're great.
2) I got to go to starbucks this morning with my dad. =)
3) I love Grizzly Bear Go listen.

Alright lovelies, have a great day.

Mary Em

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holy holy holy

Hi there,
right now I sound like Rachel Ray when I talk...hmmm, attractive.

Anywho, I went on a youth retreat this past weekend and I must say, it was not as relaxing as I'd hoped. It was wonderful though, and I definitely feel spiritually renewed and ready to face the rest of the year.

In the past, it has come to my attention that I overcommit myself. Like uh here. There even have been times where I get so stressed I make myself sick. Like now. But, I'm so stubborn I can't give up anything or say "no" to anyone, so I'm stuck in this vicious cycle of crashing every couple months and being miserable.

But no more.

This weekend, during the retreat, I came down with a cold. I thought it was just a little one and would be cured by now (four days later) but no, I'm still feeling HORRIBLE. I realized once and for all that something has to go or I won't survive my highschool years. I'm prayerfully considering what I'm going to cut from my schedule, since right now I really do love everything I'm doing.

BUT this has to happen.

I also have a sad thing to tell you...Before the school year started, I bought a bright, shiny, white, new sketchpad and some vibrant new colored pencils. They're both still in their wrapper. *sigh* how I wish I had time to paint and draw and read...

Have a good day, and wash your hands if you come in contact with me =)

Mary Em