Friday, January 29, 2010

Up with your turret
Aren't we just terrified?
Shale, screen your worry from what you won't ever find

Don't let it fool you
Don't let it fool you...down
Down's sitting round, folds in the gown

Sea and the rock below
Cocked to the undertow
Bones blood and teeth erode, with every crashing node

Wings wouldn't help you
Wings wouldn't help you...down
Down fills the ground, gravity's proud

You barely are blinking
Wagging your face around
When'd this just become a mortal home?

Won't, won't, won't, won't

Won't let you talk me
Won't let you talk me…down
Will pull it taut, nothing let out

I wish that I could write like that...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In the sun...

definitely released a single.
And it is glorious

Project #4 is to edit and burn all of the pictures on my computer on to cd's.
And I'm half done.

Have a great weekend, friends.
Mary Em

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If you walk away now, You're gonna start a war.

Life is not interesting as of now.

I'm oh so tired... Do you like my new shoes?

Pictures from the ski trip. Isn't Alyssa a cutie?
I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Mary Em

Monday, January 25, 2010

Grapefruit Pomegranate Juice ROCKS

A little bit of time spent inside my own mind.

I found myself in a dark hallway. A noise reached my ears. I turned to my left to find a small door labeled "mind". I cautiously opened it, checking to see if anyone was around. I shall try my best to describe what I saw and heard. A cool, pleasant wind was blowing. The wind carried songs and their lyrics. Great symphonies, as well as the contemplations of songwriters would catch my ear. Were there people? Why yes. It seemed like hundreds of people were crowded in the small room. I saw my closest friends, my family, and acquaintances, as well as people I did not know. There were tiny children huddled in a corner. Their ragged clothes barely covering their bruise bodies. Instead of colors on the walls, there were words, some beautiful, some so profane I cannot write them here. Everything was rather loud and very chaotic. I pushed past the people around me. When I arrived into the middle of the room, everything was still. A peace swelled within me. Although the area appeared empty, I felt a presence there like no other. I wanted to stay, but I knew I should find the exit. Unpleasant things came next. There was no one in this part of the room, just darkness. The sounds of strife and pain crowded into my ears. I blindly tried to find the way out. My hands felt something cold. I turned it and pushed. The door swung open and I awoke in an instant. I rubbed my eyes, wondering what had just happened. My mother entered the room. Seeing the undone homework, she asked, "What's taking you so long?" I shook my head, " I don't really know. I guess I have a lot on my mind."

Project four: unknown.

Mary Em

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I was thinking about...about today

This is my new best friend! Clio =) God had blessed me so much! I spent all day with her gorgeousness.

So project #3! I made three scarves out of my old t-shirts! I wore one today, but you can't really tell.
Outfit: Skirt-thrifted, shirt-mens, sweater-simply vera wang, boots-gift!
It was raining today...that makes me smile

Mary Em

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eliaura Danielle

I wish I could put this in parenthesis, because this is obviously not an outfit post...but whatever =) I took an old poncho and pushed it forward to make a scarf. This is definitely the first time I've ever done the "big scarf, little cardigan, little belt" thing..but I'm diggin it. Okay on to more important things.

Cheeks of rose, tiny toes,
Has our little baby;
Eyes of blue, fingers too,
Cunning all as may be.

Mouth so fair, skin so clear,
Just as soft as may be;
Bonny eyes, looking wise,
Such a precious baby.

Thee I love, sweetest dove,
Darling little baby!
While I live, thee I'll give
Kisses warm as may be.

Crow and play all the day,
Happy little baby!
May your life, free from strife,
Pure as 'tis today be.

This precious baby was born this morning at 9:30 after practically 18 hours of labor. She weighs 8 pounds 4 oz and is 21 (yes a whopping TWENTY ONE) inches long! She's gorgeous.

Have a great tomorrow!
Mary Em

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yeah, I prefer grey to sunshine.

I quite like the dead vines in our herb garden right now.

Project #2!

Outfit details: Shirt-my mom's...right out of the 70's
Shorts-Forever 21...mmm love

My mother says this gate is dingy...I think it's lovely.

I know this is weird, but railroad ties (spelling?) smell so good. I'm not kidding. They smell like trains and suit and a bygone age. Mmm I am determined to take a real live train ride across the US before I die.

I'm obsessed with little plastic clips.

Today was "Wear Red for Haiti" day. I pray God gives them hope.

I practically spent all afternoon daydreaming underneath the grey sky. It was sunshiny this morning, but the clouds rolled in by the afternoon.

a silly things I wrote the other night:

I attempt to find words that describe the night sky
I turn to see the silhouettes of two dear friends of mine
The ache in my heart prevents pure bliss
As I wonder
How many more nights will be like this?

(I seriously need to learn how to write...correct know?)

Last piece of news: within the next 12-15 hours, I shall be a full-fledged aunt.

Goodnight you wonderful friends.
Mary Em

Monday, January 18, 2010

Little sisters...

There's a book my small group and I stumbled upon named "Letters to My Little Sisters". It has an incredibly innocent exterior...but what's inside is a whole different story. I'm here to tell you about it.

The first chapter is titled "Self-Image". I definitely groaned as I read this chapter. The first thing the author writes about is how absolutely hopeless young women-NO-all women are. They despise themselves. Ugh. I do know that many women are very insecure when it comes to how they look. But I do know that there are things that women learn to like about themselves! She just made huge generalizations that I didn't appreciate...I mean listen to this:

"'But Jami,' you say,'look at my face. It looks like someone put it together with an egg beater. I'm so ugly that my mom asked if she could have her money back when she first saw me!'"

Oh my gosh. SERIOUSLY? Now, first things first, pretty much ALL newborn babies are pretty ugly. I'm not being mean, it's truth. Second thing, even if I was insecure, would I really think I was THAT bad?!
Then, to make matters worse. She talks about makeup. She says "There's nothing wrong with a little makeup to highlight your natural beauty. A little blush or mascara can work wonders in perking up your face." That is the single, last thing I would ever tell a middle schooler. They don't hear "Yeah, a little makeup's alright" they hear "Put on as much as you want! Go crazy with it!" She then goes on to say "(Don't tell anyone *um too late you wrote it in a book* but my hair isn't naturally curly. I'd look like a Q-tip if I didn't have my permanent)" Two notes on that-#1) This book was definitely wrote in the 80's or 90's-hence the perm. #2) I don't know about you, but that whole Q-tip comment sounds like low self-image to me...

After that, she explains how she tried to be someone else for a man and eventually broke off her engagement to him (jeez, it took her 'til they were engaged to figure that out). Then she says to be content with yourself, because you're God's creation. If I had written the chapter, I would've said that first. And skipped the egg-beater part.

Have a good tomorrow!
Mary Em

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The words falling through me...

I finished project #2! It actually looks a lot prettier then I thought it would...

Project #3: Make scarves out of old tshirts!

I watched the movie Once with Jen the other night. I must say I loved it, in spite of all of its flaws. I'll write a full-fledged review on it some other time.

Nothing much is happening in my life. That's not true, but that's what it feels like. I've been extremely melancholy lately, which is definitely not like me. Haha I really have felt like a completely different person. A thoughtful, philosophical, melancholy, poet-type that wonders around not knowing what she's doing in life. Which is true. I feel like I'm just plodding through and not really DOING anything with myself, or the world. It's weird, because I do know what my purpose is (*ahem* to glorify God...etc) but I don't think I'm executing that in the best way. Hm I'm off to write...and read a pathetic story about an innocent man who's captured on his wedding day and thrown in jail... (Count of Monte Cristo)

Also, why didn't I think of this name?! What a brilliant title for a great blog.

Goodnight readers...
Mary Em

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've been thinking a lot lately...
Don't be scared =)

Over Christmas break I was blessed to be able to hang out with my dear friend Micah. He's been away at college so long, it took a while for me to get used to having him back. I have always known he was a great musician and things-but I was not aware of his composing capabilities. We (Sara, Micah, and I) were hanging in his house before he left, he played some pieces that he composed. I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to music. You have to either have great lyrics, or beautiful chord progressions for anything with a guitar to impress me. His songs were, in a word, lovely. They embodied something that cannot be expressed in words....THEN it got me thinking.
How lucky are those people who know how to speak music so fluently they invent words. I feel music all the time. But I lack that ability to translate it into something tangible.
Anyway, that's one of the things that's been on my mind.

I'm a teenager, so I understand how hormones work and all. I also happen to be female, so I know how much fun it is to like a boy and feel liked and whatnot. But there has to be a limit to some things.
This morning , I had a really awkward chat with my youth pastor this morning about relationships. It confirmed somethings I've thought about dating. Like these:
1) Why would you even think about dating before you're 18? Seriously, that person will probably not go to the same college as you. They're also extremely immature and frankly, stupid (everyone knows that boys don't mature until they're 25). Your minds and tastes will change. Therefore, you'll break eachother's hearts, cry a little bit, and move on to the next good looking kid that comes along. But really? Are you going to MARRY this person? Are you really in the position to be looking for the person you'll spend the rest of your life with? *hint- the answer is NO! Of course not!*
2) Why would you date, now that you are 18 (or older)? God doesn't call us to get married as quickly as possible. God calls us to do His will-WITHOUT the distraction that a boyfriend/girlfriend would create. Before you say "But now I can get married!" think about it. You are now an adult. This is the time for God to cultivate who you are.
3) Guy friends are so much better than Boy friends. I wouldn't know this for a FACT, seeing as I've never actually DATED anyone. But I do know that the guys I've been friends with, I have a wayyy better time with than the guys I like. Every girl needs brothers, so I'm not saying isolate yourself from the animal that is a teenage boy. I'm just saying, don't go fawning over them like they're Mr. Darcy (because, after all....who really is?)
4 *this really should be number one* ) Every time and I mean every time I have had a major crush on a guy, I've completely lost sight of who I am in Christ. Suddenly, my identity is wrapped up in someone else. I forget to pray, and daydream about our future life together instead. Silly as it may look, it's actually a serious problem. I stray away from God for another selfish human being. That's not good.
So I know I'm only 16, and I really don't have any new ideas about life and all this. I also know that I am a human, therefore, my views will not always stay the same, cuz humans are inconsistent. But for now, that's what I think. Take it or leave it.

Last thing, I promise-I've been really sick lately. Not deathly ill, or even sick enough to slow me down, just sick. I've had severe headaches and all sorts of lung troubles. It's got me thinking about how gratefulo I am for the things God has blessed me with. Not silly things like pomplamoose (grapefruit) and Bon Iver, real things like my church, people that I love, music, art, sunshine, the gorgeous place I live...things I generally take for granted. Although I have not been on my deathbed (yet), I've had one of those moments when you look out the window, and you are completely overwhelmed by the bountiful blessing poured, dumped, lavished upon you, just because you belong to Jesus.
Tomorrow, go outside and take a walk. Pass normal things, and really see them, and worship the Wonderful Creator.

Project two is almost finished, although it is not looking so pretty. It will be functional though.

Have a wonderful sleep and a fantastical tomorrow.
Mary Em

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm in love with Vienna!

I just watched a movie from 1938 about Strauss. True, it was horribly filmed and acted, but the music made me reconsider the statement I've made saying that impressionistic music is my favorite...romantic music has a lot going for it.
I had a horrible day...
But looking back on it, I feel like it worked itself out. It's funny how God works...

I loved the vintage look of the picture of alyssa and the van, since I have an irrational fear of even numbers, I added this picture from a sleepover. I quite like the look of this.

It snowed where I live! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?
seriously, it was majestical. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted...but oh well. This one belongs in an Outdoor World catalog or something.

I kinda adore this dress that Jenny Garner and I share...Without the sweater, I looked very 60's with my hair =)

So I went thrifting today. Not hard-core thrifting. Just plain =) But I did find three things.
THING #1) An adorable plaid skirt that my wardrobe was lacking. It has big gold buttons down the side.
THING #2) The flannel shirt of my dreams. Actually, it's not even flannel, it's wool. Pendleton wool to be exact. It was $108 originally, I got it for $3. =) I love it because it's a real, lumberjacky...flannelly (wooly) shirt. Not a sissy shirt from a women's store.
THING #3) An off-white lace shirt. I have been looking for one of these since I saw this in a Free People catalog. It's not quite the same, but it's beautiful and I'm so Psyched that I found it!

Bad day turned good.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Mary Em

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Painting and some other things

Blank canvases deserve to be painted.

I love green!

Hmm look at those hills...what do they need?

First: sky..DUH
second: a mysterious path whose origin is unknown

and then it needs a parked bike...some buildings, a mountain, sunshine and clouds!

"We rode our bikes through downtown...we took our hearts for a ride.

Ohh what a mess.

Project #2 has barely begun, I'm sorry to say. I just picked out the fabric for my strap a couple minutes ago. This might be a close call as far as deadlines go. I catered a reception last night.
Three notes to remember: When I get married, I'm going to invite less than a hundred people, have a mellow band, and I'm not going to have an open bar. Enough said.

Mary Em

Friday, January 8, 2010


HEY GUYS! IT'S (was) Christmastime!

Hey there...title?
Slow Music is pulsing from my stereo
I gaze out my window at the grey outdoors
Soft white snow is tumbling quickly towards the earth
Each little flake knows of its fate
Yet willingly they leap from the clouds
Hoping to cleanse the air
To bring a smile to a tiny bundled up figure
To cause someone with solemn eyes and a wizened face to recall sweet winter memories
from yesteryear
Or to instill a wish for the warmth of spring in those whose hearts are made cold
As my musings and the track playing on my stereo come to an end
I don my hat and coat and venture out into the bitter cold
To be consumed by the joy that comes with falling snow


A bit of inspiration

=) My room is gorgeous, I'm not going to lie. So project one: CHECK.
It was a lot harder than I thought, and I really didn't know if I was going to be able to, but seriously, EVERYTHING in my room is organized!

So project #2: Make a new strap for Paolo, my film camera. The strap he currently has is incredibly old and brittle (not to mention HORRIBLY uncomfortable). Therefore, I'm making a new one that's comfy and beautiful.

Oh, KAISER CARTEL are my new favorites.
Love you all.
Mary Em

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

With my slip, showing a little

Like a drunk but not.-Regina Spektor

Hello folks!
Week #1 is coming to a close. I'm so happy to tell you that I'm going to finish my room today! All that's left are some quick, simple things. *sigh* this feels great.
The picture above is from my Aunt's house...I took it in the bathroom, because I felt silly...haha oh well.

I love The Clothes Horse, especially when she does a picture an hour posts. So I thought I'd try it. Here's a day from my vacation in Charlotte: 10:00 a.m Wake up (hey it's vacation! don't judge!)

12:00 Shopping!

1:00 Gazing longingly into the Tiffany window.

2:00 Bath and body works! What a cute duck!

3:00 Lunch, finally! I was so famished

4:00 Bundle up!

What I wore

5:00 time to checkout!

6:00 Gazing at flowers in Garden Ridge

7:00 Dinner-which was much more delicious than it looked.

8:00-9:00 Dance dance revolution...what a joke. My mom was better than I was!

10:00-12:00 The Ultimate Gift

12:00-1:00 -Goodnight!