Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Groodbye Chattahoochie

=) I'm leaving tomorrow for a ten day trip to Texas. Yes, I'm going to Texas...during the hottest time of the year...?
I'm a little bit excited. This morning, I went to Sara's house and we did rainy day things, despite the fact it was sunny...Stupid weather channel lied. =P Anyway, I'm going to TRY to blog when I can. Pictures will come later. I love you all. I hope you don't melt today! I am...

Oh Check out Ema and The Ghosts. I love accordians now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My hair's clean-cut, SCULPTED!

Okay, I'm really addicted to Dear and the Headlights. Serious. I love them! Ah Yesterday was very fun! Cara came over and we goofed off for a couple of hours. Every time Cara comes over, we walk to Micah's. It all started when we were listening to a song by Miniature Tigers where he door-bell ditches a girl he likes. Cara got this wild hair to do that to Micah (but she doesn't like him...) ANYWHO, we walked all the way to his house and she says "Okay Emily, do it!"...I just looked at her like she was crazy. As we stood on the front porch arguing about it, Mrs. Schreiner saw us and invited us in. Haha it was a fun afternoon. So now it's a tradition. =)

That's the end of the picture's from Atheneaum that I'm going to put up here! Hopefully I'll be able to put up the Sara and I pictures and Cara and I pictures sometime.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's such...such a perfect day.

You know when you have a day (or a couple in sequence) where everything just goes well? I'm experiencing that right now.

I babysat three beautiful children on Thursday. They had a treehouse in their backyard. I mean, a genuine, tree-in-the-middle, square, rickety, treehouse! It made me so happy. Of course, I HAD to be cliche and play "pirates". But OH, was it fun. All four of us were exhausted by the time I had to leave, but it was so worth it!

Yesterday was the homeschool book fair. Which, though crowded, stressful, and quite humorous to watch, it was actually very fun. I got to see some interesting people I don't normally see everyday! Later in the day, while my mom was working registration, I lounged about in the grass behind Camp Jordan. That was so fun! I got some funny looks, but I was in the shade and the breeze was blowing-nothing else mattered.

Later that day, I went to Heritage Park with Sara. It was loads and loads of fun...I'll talk about that more tomorrow I think.

I finally posted some pictures! I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh no!

I've been having a busy, fun filled week! Sorry for the lack of posting! So I need to finish my Atheneaum week.

Day 4: Really fun! It was just more classes and such, but all of us were getting to know eachother! Finally! haha I don't remember any SPECTACULAR things...but it was great fun.
Day 5: ugh, camera crew was here. I remember that...I also remember this was the day Caroline spent forever trying to get a spoon to stick on her nose long enough so I could take a picture...=)
Day 6: was the tea. It was really fun, but bittersweet. We all knew it was our last "full" day at camp. KATIE'S BIRTHDAY! Ahhh We had a cake and everything-so sweet.Thursday night was awful in such a wonderful way. After dance practice (wear my hoop fell apart!) we went into a room and passed a candle, saying what meant the most to us about the week, and what we would remember. Ahh It was so emotional! We all came out crying...haha the poor boys were standing there...they didn't know what to do.
Day 7: Exams! The test was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be...but I passed. hahaha I forgot to tell you, on Thursday night, Katie and I stayed up forever making "Whaledactle" pins. "Whaledactles" are a very important animal. Well we all wore them. After exams we changed into REAL clothes! *gasp!* we all felt naked...=P anyway, Katie and I set up for the ball, which was a BALL. And the Ball was a BALL...and sad too. Afterwards we went to Waffle-House (a tradition) and one-by-one we said goodbye to eachother. It was very sad.

Overall, I loved atheneaum SO much and I can't wait to see everyone again. =) I promise I'll upload pictures soon. Lots of love.

OH YEAH. JENNY's BACK! we hung out yesterday! =) 'kay bye!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm so glad...


My week was absolutely amazing, but I really did miss home...a lot. I haven't gone through my pictures from camp yet, so that's why there's only a couple pics. I missed them so much. And all of my friends. Guess what?! (drum rolls) JENNY IS HOME! I'm so excited. I'm going to get to see her in like, a day or two. YES! Well, I will begin with my first day.

Day one:
It was extremely awkward. We didn't really know eachother or anything so we kinda sat around. The symphony was very good, and also kinda hilarious. They played all these classic rock songs. I got to my gorgeous host home and missed all my friends in Chattanooga.
Day two: Sunday. We were all dressed in mourning AND it rained- how cheerful. Church was very interesting, since it was my first exposure to the Episcopal church. The church was gorgeous and the service was fascinating. I "rode" sidesaddle. I was actually led around a tiny patch of grass, but it was still pretty impressive. The first dance class was again, awkward. But very fun. I think the dance classes are what I'm going to miss the most. It was funny, all day we'd be with girls, so when the boys showed up it was like "AHHH look, BOYS!"
Day Three: So fun, I got to know Katie Beach (who's amazing) and bunches of the other girls, more. We also had our first official "classes". dance class, of course, was amazing!

Okay so that's almost half of my week. I'll try to blog the rest tomorrow! Goodnight!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Fairy Friends.

I know I should've rationed my amount of pictures I upload...but I didn't. I hope you enjoy these pictures of my gorgeous friends and I. Sara was sweet enough to take the group picture of us. We had a wonderful time pretending we were fairies. I think Bethany (the Redhead above) looked so breathtaking! She fit in with her surroundings.

I've had a wonderful week, I hung out with my dear friends, Micah and Sara, on Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday morning (well Thursday was just Sara...but oh well) . I love them ever so much.

So, tomorrow, Chattanooga is going to be left alone. It seems as if all the wonderful people are going away. Haha...well it's not THAT bad. I leave tomorrow to be "finished" at Atheneaum. I will spend my week in a corset, a hoopskirt, and billions of pounds of undergarments...I'm looking forward to it. It will be very fun.

Meanwhile, I'll have no contact with any of my family members or friends. Oh dear. I'll also not be able to blog. My internet has been acting up. Sorry for the lack of posting.

Anywho, I love you all (all 9 of you!) very much and thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week!