Sunday, June 3, 2012

two ballet lists

-lots of little girls crowding around you to give/get hugs and take silly pictures
-tearing up whilst saying goodbye to seven year olds
-curtain malfunctions. no big deal.
-wielding an axe as Alice in Wonderland
-Jimmy and Butch in their purple dresses giggling backstage
-fairytales. so many fairytales.
-running around in the parking lot with Cara. during the show. in costume.
-howling at the moon as Alice.
-Rhonda. Always watching.

-sleepy barre
-lots of "lasts"
-muddle and scuddle
-four year old m&m's. ah yes.
-teary eyes


current song obsession. cannot get enough.

I am off to camp then Haiti then camp tomorrow.
except nothing from me for a long while.

write me!

Mary Emily Vatt
c/o Cedar Lake Camp
235 Conatser Ln
Livingston, TN 38570

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