Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ahhh I'm here!

I'm in Texas! Yay! After driving through rain on an interstate (a first for me) we made it! I haven't had access to internet, sorry about not posting. We (my little sis, mom and I) stopped in Nashville before the LONGGGG treck to Mt. Pleasant (where my grandparents live...isn't that a nice-sounding place to live?) I went to the most precious little tearoom...that's CLOSING (SO SAD) and bought a couple of adorable vintage hats...that I'm quite excited about. We then drove to my grandparents. I love my grandparents very much, but I was awfully glad to arrive in Keller, TX, today. My old friend, Taylor, lives here. It's funny, we were BEST buds in second grade, for six months., and we've kept in touch ALL of these years! Anyway, tonight, the Peterings (old family friends) threw a "blonde party" for my mom and it was sweet. I'm SO tired though.

What I really wanted to write about was what happened BEFORE the trip. I grew up. Weird huh? I mean, I'm still ME. But I gave up that night. I stopped fighting the fact that I HAVE to face responsibility. It's really sad. and SO scary. (I have never felt as terrified as I did the moment I realized what I was facing) But I needed to let go of the self-centered approach on life I had. I was trying to have as much fun as I could...regardless of what that meant to anyone else. Now the summer's ending. I could have kept being a selfish little kid, or I could face my problems head on and triumph over them in the years to come. It happened, whether I wanted it to or not. I'm glad it did. Don't worry, I don't act like I'm twenty-nine...I'm still crazy, quirky, dumb, and not very funny (but I still think I am)., but I know that when it comes down to it, I have to face growing up and just do it. Instead of masking the fact that I am getting older by scoffing at responsibilty and going out with my friends.

I'm EXHAUSTED due to lack of sleep (sleeping on my grandparents couch is NOT fun) so I'm off to bed. goodnight! =)


  1. YAYYYY! you're in texas! :)

    but wow. the last part. ah. emily. that's deep. i can't believe you didn't call me to let me know know about this. but wow. i know what you mean though. unfortunately i have yet to pull myself to face the same facts.
    but promise me you won't act old? i need someone to still act immature with me.

    p.s. i miss you.

  2. =)

    I know. I'm sorry. I messaged Micah and he was really sad and confused. no no no...I'm not going to. I just have to keep my priorities straight and stuff.

    p.s. I miss you more. NO JOKE