Friday, April 17, 2009

It was a dark and

Last Friday, Jenny and I were sitting crocheting in my favorite coffee shop in the world (Starbucks). The winds were pretty strong...and yes, we were kinda wondering what was going on. We laughed it off, saying "Wouldn't it be funny if there actually WAS a tornado?". Ironically enough, at that moment, I overheard the lady behind the desk talking about how there was a tornado warning.
There were some strong winds and some trees came down...but not much harm was done. A lot of people ran in the building though, including a family with two little girls (one of which was named confusing). The little girls kept walking by and staring a Jen and I...because we were crocheting. The only thing that could've made that little outing better was better music. Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVE Starbucks' music. But this day they were not playing their best selections.
I asked my brother (who works there) to find Volume One (She & Him) to play...but he couldn't. We compromised with Andrew Bird. You gotta love a hippie who plays violin =D
Jenny and I crocheted some adorable little hats. I'm going to post pictures! I'm glad to have someone cool to do crafty things with! Have a great day!


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