Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday morning...rain is falling

We sat under this gorgeously green tree while waiting for my dad to pick me up.

This is a picture I took of Jen from four bridges-what fun. Today was a wonderful Sunday. Sundays always calm me down and get me ready for the week. Tomorrow's going to be tough, since I was off school Thursday and Friday due to wisdom teeth. Tonight, my pastor talked about prayer. It was very interesting. He said something that really struck me -"When you live a careless life, your prayers are powerless." This is difficult to understand...but it did make me think about how I act throughout the week. Do I really THINK about God? Am I in continual communication with Him throughout the day? He also talked about KINDS of prayer. I mean there are BUNCHES but the two main ones we touched on were Adoration and Intercession. During the first part of the lesson I thought to myself Sure, I talk to God all the time! but after he mentioned the two KINDS of prayer I realized Oooh...I'm always talking to God...I'm always asking for stuff. Adoration really is important. God is so worthy of our praise, and could never be praised enough.
Anyway, those things were just on my mind. So, my goal for this week: KEEP GOD IN MY THOUGHTS. not just like "hey, Jesus, I really would LOVE to not have to take this test tomorrow..." but REALLY talk to Him AND give Him the praise due as well.

Have a wonderful week!


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