Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'll love you forever Wade...

My gorgeous uke.
"Classic Emily Face"-according to Jenny
Adorableness in a hat!

Those pictures are from the last day of co-op! I'm very glad that chapter of my life is over! At this very moment, I'm chatting with Jenny...I am so glad we're friends!

Now to explain the title...

That is Wade Johnston. Although he is NOT the strongest singer...his lyrics are adorable. And he's very pretty himself. And he's a wicked beast at the Ukulele...yay!


  1. oh my. i'm not the fondest of that picture.
    but i am fond of wade! his lyrics are cute.
    and yes i like talking to you too! <3

  2. Um...So you want to live in a log cabin? in Georgia? GA is the place to live, but there ARE more peaches than there are nuts. I don't think you would mind though. lol
    I plan to live in a log cabin one day as well...but I would like for it to be hanging over a lake up in the mountains...there are lots of chipmunks up there. lol, I hear that most of them live up there during the winter. lol if you get my drift.

  3. that last picture is adorable