Friday, December 10, 2010

List #1

There's this journal Jen and I found that is just a bunch of lists.
I mean on every page there's a topic and then spaces for you to list things that fit into that topic.

So I want to do that ever so often.

List #1-
part one: things I love about Nutcracker
1) Rehearsals-we're all tired because of finals which means we're all loopy. and I love it.
2) GLITTER-I'm usually kinda a glitteraphobe...but during nutcracker, I love to layer it on.
3) Rhonda. He's a stage hand that Cara and I adore.
4)the snow. when it snows on stage, something leaps inside of me. I love it just as much now as I did when I first was in the nutcracker.
5) Mother Ginger. I love dancing that dance during the Act 2 rehearsal. It's a time for us serious ballerinas to goof off.
6) the music. genius really.
7) making faces at people on stage when no one's looking.
8) pretending.

part two: things I don't love:
1)hurting feet.
2) that it's over in 3 short days.

Mary Em

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