Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 at a glance.

Let's recap this year...

In December, I had my very first white Christmas.

In November, I made friends with some lionesses.

In October, I hiked up a mountain with some of the coolest people in the world.

In September, I had a frosting fight with Amy.

In August, I discovered the importance of sunshine in one's life.

In July, I was challenged like never before.

In June, I received my driver's license...and drove to the museum.

In May, I watched my dear friends graduate.

In April, I purchased Asher (My beloved camera)

In March, I had tea in the freezing woods with Jamie.

In February, I turned 17.

And in January, I received the best present in the world-a harp.

Happy new years. May this year bring too many blessings to count.
Mary Em


  1. Emily, I love the picture of you with your harp. Such a beautiful instrument, and certainly perfect for such a lovely young woman. Your green shoes are perfectly quirky, and the picture encapsulates so much of wonderfulness that is you.

  2. I know Mrs. Mindy! It's CRAZY.

    Thank you so much Mrs. Spotts. That really is sweet.