Saturday, December 25, 2010

A little Christmas Thought.

This whole Christmas season has been a strange one.
I was always rushed, always busy, and always more excited then productive.
Some of that was growing up and most of that was poor time management.
Last night, Christmas began for me. The candles flickered in my church as the people (who I love and knew) all around me sang of the Silent and Holy night that Christ was born. "Merry Christmas!" was proclaimed more than once on the way out of my pretty church. Then my sister, dad, mom, and I piled into the car and drove around to look at lights. "White Christmas" finished off the night. As Bing, Danny, Rosemary, and Vera sang the last verse, tears literally came to my eyes.
I love Christmas. I didn't appreciate it before. But I really love it.
Before I slept, I silently prayed for snow, half hoping, half believing.
This morning, my dreams were fulfilled...I had my first white Christmas.
Family came, presents were unwrapped, food was consumed, jokes were made, and smiles were prevalent. I received all of Sufjan's Christmas music as a gift this year (so exciting!) and I am about to go listen to all the albums while playing games with my sister.

What's my point? I have none really. Just enjoy what Sufjan calls the "Creepy Christmas Feeling". It's nice. I received all the best gifts for Christmas-Family all around me, Snow, and Christ coming to this earth to save not by force, but with Love.

I hope your Christmas was beautiful.
Mary Em


  1. Gorgeous. Just like you. :) And your picture at the top of your blog is perfect.

  2. Aw thank you!

    Thanks! I decided it was time to change everything up.

  3. I love the pearls in your hair in your new picture. This was my first white Christmas too and I was also ELATED. Glad you had a beautiful one!