Saturday, May 21, 2011

three hundred and sixty five days

three hundred and sixty five photographs.
three hundred and sixty five special days documented with dancing light, digital sensors, and thin emulsions on film.
one whole year.
a year full of dear things. dear friends. dear memories.
I cannot believe it's over.
out of three hundred and sixty five days, I only skipped ten times. that's a lot. and I'm ashamed. but still.
I have grown immensely as an artist and as a person during this process.
there's nothing more challenging and wonderful as forcing yourself to create something nice every day.
many days I have felt distracted by the harsh realities of this world and the only thing to focus my mind on what really matters has been to grab my cameras and walk and see things.
I have appreciated my lovely and patient friends for being my fascinating subjects and letting me pose them as I want to or redo their hair or paint their faces or countless other ridiculous things I've done to them to get a photograph I'm satisfied with.

this project has been one of the many things that has helped me see that making pictures is in my blood and I can't escape it's call.
I will continue to photograph the world until I cease breathing.

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