Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh how I love community college...

I really do. As unbelievable as that is... I also am totally in love with "Community" the show on NBC. The show uses songs by Matt and Kim! (who, if you haven't should listen to, right away) I ended up watching it because it was after "The Office" ..which I love as well. I'm really not much of a TV it's amazing I'm even talking about this.

AnyWHO, I had a wonderful day today. That's partially due to my photography class. My classmate Olivia made me smile...haha My teacher said "I smell an herbal aroma" (talking about weed) and Olivia leaned over and was like "does he mean someone's lotion or something?"...Oh dearie me.

I felt kinda like a cowgirl today as well...which for some reason, made me feel empowered.

Also! I think I'm going to finally try and get on And Flickr. YAY! So, just letting you know... Have a fantastic Friday!

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