Tuesday, August 9, 2011

crippled conscience

If you're thinking about doing something regarding your conscience-do it. Unless you're content with living mediocrity. Set your crippled conscience free. Sometimes we're so used to our brokenness, we don't care to be repaired.
-Frank May

oh dear. I have quite a crippled conscience. The thick dark cloths of my own sin gag its tiny voice. So all I hear is my sin telling me that it is quite alright to be judgmental, impatient, and jaded. It tells me I'm an okay person living an okay life...all the while my crippled conscience pokes and prods my heart just enough to remind me that it's not okay to just be okay.

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  1. ...a beautiful, beautiful gift is that broken conscience (after we get over being annoyed at being told we aren't okay)...