Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's such...such a perfect day.

You know when you have a day (or a couple in sequence) where everything just goes well? I'm experiencing that right now.

I babysat three beautiful children on Thursday. They had a treehouse in their backyard. I mean, a genuine, tree-in-the-middle, square, rickety, treehouse! It made me so happy. Of course, I HAD to be cliche and play "pirates". But OH, was it fun. All four of us were exhausted by the time I had to leave, but it was so worth it!

Yesterday was the homeschool book fair. Which, though crowded, stressful, and quite humorous to watch, it was actually very fun. I got to see some interesting people I don't normally see everyday! Later in the day, while my mom was working registration, I lounged about in the grass behind Camp Jordan. That was so fun! I got some funny looks, but I was in the shade and the breeze was blowing-nothing else mattered.

Later that day, I went to Heritage Park with Sara. It was loads and loads of fun...I'll talk about that more tomorrow I think.

I finally posted some pictures! I hope you enjoy!


  1. i haven't seen most of the pics before!
    they're all so good!
    your host home is gorgeous! i would have gone insane taking pictures!
    the black and white pic of your face is really cool! and the one of you holding the mirror in front of the mirror.

  2. Thanks! They are all on Facebook...somewhere. IT WAS. Oh my goodness, I took the majority of my pics of my room...
    Thanks! I think I look like a ghost =P

  3. I totally adore the full skirts. Must be so fun to wear them.