Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a tree grows through it.

As I'm sitting here, eating a whole giant carrot,(it's huge, trust me) I can't help but think about the fact that in two weeks I'll turn nineteen.
Nineteen is pretty much a no-big-deal year-I understand that fully.
However, the other day my friend and I were talking and he said something about not thinking the same at all as last year-even last semester.
As I consume this monstrous carrot (so delicious), I can say, without a doubt, my thinking has made almost a 180 degree turn since last year.
My eighteenth year has been full of huge "AHA!" moments that have grown me closer to my God (and consequently closer to who I need to be). I have felt the overwhelming presence of God's love. I have felt the thrill of leading someone to Christ. I have been apart of a beautiful Christian community. I have realized my neediness for Christ. I have seen the ugly, disgusting truth about my own heart. I have felt the freedom of forgiveness. I have been blinded by the darkness of the valley of the shadow of death.
I have been mad at God. I have made decisions about my future. I have tasted the calm waters and walked about the green pastures.
all of these wonderful, awful, hard, beautiful, painful, and freeing things came from a Father that loves me.
realizing that this night, with my (now half-devoured) carrot, is the best birthday present ever.
I cannot wait to see where God takes me this year.
I know it will be good.

Climbing up walls with a tree growing through it is so worth the risk and bloodshed.
Coffee three times a day is worth the insomnia.
Headaches are so worth the late-night reading.
And today is so worth the wait of each yesterday.