Monday, March 5, 2012

happy birthday Jessica

once there was a girl and her friend.
coffee they drank a lot, the end.
except they haven't ended the story yet, for real.
there are still two hearts in kayaks for them to steal.
it all began in their hammocks so fine.
they were laying in the sun and wasting away time.

then what to their wondering eyes did appear?
two young boys with hearts (one had a thick beard!)
as the strapping young lads from their car did emerge
a feeling of true love in the girl's heart did surge.
then the boys took off their shirts and the girls giggled and rolled.
then the boys unloaded their kayaks and paddles to hold.

one was tall with wild, curly locks.
to prepare for adventure, he shed his thick socks.
the other wore a flat-bill as green as the trees.
the way they readied for the river made the girls weak in the knees.

the girls packed up their hammocks and turned to go
-hoping that soon alongside the boys (in kayaks) they would row.
the boys spotted the girls and it was love at first sight.
so they paddled off together in the afternoon light.

I would tell you how it all ended, but I'm sorry, I just won't.
because the girls in this story are liberated women and they do what they want.

the end.

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