Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No One's Slate is Clean


Today is:
Morning car accidents-don't worry I'm fine. My poor Zachary (my car) isn't.
Courtney Marie serenading me with her best album yet.
Geometric sweaters.
A cold cold walk with a dear friend.
Drawing loneliness.
Cinnamon Dole Latte, Espresso, and Earl Grey Tea.
Panera and Starbucks in one day.
Brotherly encouragement. I am so grateful for my dear brothers.
Tired, exasperated giggles.
An Aussie in Panera explaining to his American girlfriend/wife/fiance 's family how to pronounce "Aussie". Adorable.
Soup twice in one day.
More Studying.
Reading encouraging Psalms and chapters of Isaiah. There is nothing as restoring as reading the Bible.
More Studying.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like quite a day! SO glad you are okay, after that accident, but so sorry it happened :(