Thursday, December 1, 2011

so find your monster, don't tell your friends

I have been faced with the monstrosity of man recently. From reading "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift (a man who didn't hate man, but hated the inhumanity of man to fellow man) to watching a documentary/doing a speech on the LRA, my thoughts have been shaken.
Man can be a monster.
It makes me lift my eyes to the grey expanse above me and say "Why?"
I don't know why.
I'm not supposed to know why.
All I'm supposed to know is that I was a monster.
I'm also supposed to know that I was healed and set free from that Monstrous me a long time ago.
And now, I am not a monster, but a Redeemer.
I'm supposed to know that I am appointed to redeem the earth and all that's within it.
So apathy is not an option.
Acting, speaking, praying, living, loving, and reaching are my only options.
I would encourage you to know that you are a monster as well. But, I hope, you have also been or can be freed from that. Instead of being a Destroyer, you can be a Redeemer.
So act, speak, pray, live, love, and reach!
That's what has been on my mind lately.
Just wanted to share.

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